Say Yes

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  • Smith describes this song as being "insanely optimistic." It was written when he had just broken up with his girlfriend, Joanna Bolme, and realized how much he wanted her back.
  • Elliot says that it took him five minutes to write the lyrics and the music. >>
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Comments: 11

  • Chonginstrong from The North.You don't hear great songs like this on the radio, in fact to hear songs as beautiful as this is a rare phenomenon.
  • Emma from Duxbury, MaThis is one of my favorite songs by Elliott... it's simply amazing!
  • Zulsab from Sj, MalaysiaSay yes..Elliott Smith is the great musician.
  • Alekx from Colorado Springs, CoElliott Smith, for sure, has to be one of my most favorite artsists in the whole world.
    This song is so good...
    So emotion.
  • Jillian from Nyc, NyElliott Smith is amazing, his voice is so beautiful, and his lyrics are touching. I can relate to his general mood. Why is it that most of the best singers/songwriters/musicians are not with us anymore?
  • Greg from New York City, NyI completly agree everyone. Elliot Smith, in my opinion, is one the best song writers of the 90's and should earn more respect for his works.
  • Jef from Warren, Mii didn't discover elliot's music until after he had already passed. he music is amazing. it's the music i listen to that came out after 1977. wish you were here.
  • Cameron from Brighton, MiI totally agree with the optimistic and break up part but i have found another meaning that i don't think he intended for. i was listening to this after realizing i took too long to ask this girl out and she has now moved on. i see this song every now and then as that. this song to me is just about relationtionships with girls that never seem to fit right.
  • Sarah from Missoula, Mti love this song. His music really gets to me. Very good lyrics. A true troubled soul...
  • Drew from Baltimore, MdYeah his music is really good. Although not many people have commented so far not many people have heard of him, his is kind of an unknown. His music still rules though.
  • Corrine from Shirley, Nyi cant believe no one has commented on any of his songs! Elliott Smith was an excellent song writer though he may have not been one of the happiest people in the world he was still a great musician. though he commited suicide in late october his music will still live on.
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