The Last Song

Album: The One (1992)
Charted: 21 23
  • The song is about a boy who is dying of AIDS with his father by his side. Elton's lyricist, Bernie Taupin, explained: "We didn't go for the obvious. I tried to do something lyrically that would thaw the intolerance of not understanding. That's why I used the idea of a father coming to terms with his son's status in life and his sexuality, but unfortunately understanding too late. If you can melt a little intolerance along the way, I'm happy with that."

    Both John and Taupin were staunch supporters of efforts to understand and eradicate AIDS. Around this time, Taupin produced a show called Commitment to Life, which raised money to fight the disease.
  • This was featured in the final scene of the movie chronicling the early days of the AIDS Epidemic, And The Band Played On (originally a book by Randy Shilts). The scene is a video collage of famous people and moments in AIDS History. >>
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  • When this hit the Top 40 in the beginning of 1993, it gave Elton John 23 consecutive years with a chart hit, breaking Elvis Presley's old record of 22. >>
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  • Doug from Nova Scotia@Daniel from Sydney. It ends abruptly mirroring the abrupt ending of so many AIDS patients that died way before their time.
  • Daniel from Sydney, AustraliaThis song would be even better if it were longer. It ends quite abruptly. If he added a piano solo after singing the chorus for the second time and then sung the chorus again to end the song it would be incredible.
  • Linda from Midland, TxMy priest used this song to close a sermon about the prodigal son--it was the perfect way. I understand Elton John's feelings about organized religion--but he should realize that most of us don't feel qualified to judge our fellow man-that true religion is about acceptance and love of God (the Father) for each of his children--as Elton so powerfully expressed in his song.
  • Kent from Toronto, CanadaThis song might also be posted in the list of songs significant to the gay community, considering its subject matter.
  • Linda from Italy, CtElton is so full of emotions that it is almost impossible not to love him
  • Morgan from Urbana, OhThis is the most powerful song I've ever heard.
  • Adrian from London, EnglandThis song had the power to make me cry. Not many songs can do that to me.
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