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  • This is the third of the deeply personal trilogy of songs that closes Revival. The preceding track "Castle" ends with the sound of Marshall Mathers collapsing following a drug overdose and this song picks ups on his real life near death experience. A broken Em gives final messages to his daughter Hailie Jade, adopted daughter Whitney, brother Nathan, best friend Proof and even his mother.

    Little ladies, be brave.
    Take care of your mother
    Smile pretty for pictures.
    Always cherish each other
    I'll always love ya

    Eminem said: "It's the same thing [as 'Castle'], that's why if you listen to 'Castle' all the way through at the end, you hear me taking pills and falling, that was the recreation of me falling in the bathroom and then waking up in the hospital and not knowing what the f--k was going on, I had tubes in me, I was angry and I couldn't talk at all."
  • Just before Eminem passes away two thirds of the way through the song, he regains his strength and tries to "rewind time like a tape." The second half of "Arose" reverts back to "Castle" and Em picks up where he left off, but this time rapping triumphantly about outdoing albums like Relapse, Recovery, and The Marshall Mathers LP 2. "Consider the last four minutes as the song I'd have sent to my daughters if I'd have made it to the hospital less than two hours later. But I fought it," the now-sober star explains towards the end of the track.
  • Rick Rubin's production samples the drums from Barry White's 1973 hit single "I'm Just Gonna Love You Just A Little More Baby." There's also a vocal sample of Bette Midler's "The Rose." from the soundtrack for the 1979 film of the same name.
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