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Album: The Marshall Mathers LP 2 (2013)
  • This song finds Eminem talking about his lack of technical knowledge as he sounds off about how many buttons there are on a PlayStation controller and how complicated it is to download a Ludacris song. "What the f--k I got to do to hear this new song from Luda? Be an expert at computers?" he complains. Slim also questions why he is so bad with Facebook ("Got friends on Facebook, all over the world. Not sure what that means, they tell me it's good").

    Speaking during a Q&A session at SiriusXM's Town Hall, Eminem said his anger would probably get the best of him if he ended up getting into an argument on social media, which is why he tends to stay away from it. "I would get into the worst arguments like 'Drive to my house now!'" he explained.
  • The Rick Rubin produced song features southern Blues-Rock instrumentation and samples Joe Walsh's 1978 solo hit, "Life's Been Good." Speaking with BBC Radio 1 DJ Zane Lowe, Eminem said that he wanted the legendary producer to create sounds for TMMLP2 that were "subliminally nostalgic." He added: "Not blatant.. so that it kind of reminded you of 13 years ago when you first heard me but it's over beats that are older. To create a feel. We started messing with old beats and samples. Rick is talented in every different of genre in music. I was hoping to get what I got from him."
  • The lyric, "Went to Burger King, they spit on my onion rings. I think my karma is catching up with me" is a reworking of a classic line from "The Real Slim Shady" ("And every single person is a Slim Shady lurking. He could be working at Burger King, spitting on your onion rings").
  • The song finds Eminem referencing Detroit's troubles and how he feels that no matter what happens to the Motor City, he has its back. Speaking to BBC Radio 1 DJ Zane Lowe, the MC spoke of his love for his hometown. "I feel like we've always been the underdog… I've kept that with me. That fighting spirit that Detroit has," he shared. "Because Detroit is so resilient. I feel like people there have this Detroit versus everybody mentality, because the way people look at us, they always count us out. I know that attitude is displayed a lot in my music, but I think that is where it comes from."


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