Ice On The Dune

Album: Ice On The Dune (2013)
  • This is the title track of the second studio album by the Australian Electronic duo Empire of the Sun. The record was produced by Like Steele and Nick Littlemore of the band, together with the production team who worked on their debut set, Peter Mayes and Donnie Sloan. Recording took place in various studios around the globe - London, NYC, Miami, LA and Sydney. At one stage In pursuit of "the vibe," the band spent a fortnight recording in a wooden shack deep in the tropical rainforest in Whitlanga, New Zealand.
  • Steele told Q magazine regarding the album's vibe. "We were listening to ELO. Phillip Glass, lots of Japanese music. The effect we're after is a warm glow. Like lying in front of a log fire with a Labrador as a pillow."
  • The Ice On The Dune album continues the cosmic journey that the Emperor (Steele) and the Prophet (Littlemore) undertook.on their debut set, Walking On A Dream. Steele explained to The New Zealand Herald: "It's developed to the point where through the power of my crown the Emperor can develop dreams, but the King of Shadows steals my crown, corrupts my dreams and brings chaos to the world. And we set out on a journey across the world to reclaim the headpiece and restore peace."


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