Dirty Dancer

Album: Euphoria (2010)
Charted: 21 18
  • This party piece features American R&B singer Usher, who announces the song is "for the dirty girls, all around the world." Iglesias explained their collaboration to MTV News: "Usher and I had been talking for quite some time. We always wanted to work together. Usher's a great guy, extremely talented."
  • The song was produced by Moroccan-Swedish producer/songwriter RedOne, who also co-wrote the track along with Evan Bogart, Iglesias, Nuri and Quinones.
  • A re-mixed version featuring rapper Lil Wayne as well as Usher was released as Euphoria's sixth single. This new version was serviced to US contemporary hit radio on May 10, 2011. Iglesias previously worked with Weezy on his 2007 track "Push," which was the singer's first ever collaboration with a rap artist.


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