Forever Man

Album: Behind The Sun (1985)
Charted: 51 26
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  • This was one of the last songs added to the album. Clapton's record company wanted songs that were more upbeat, so this was included.
  • Songwriter Jerry Williams wrote this and two other songs on the album.
  • Clapton's marriage was in bad shape at the time. This is a positive song affirming his love, but many of the songs Clapton wrote on the album, including "Just Like A Prisoner" and "She's Waiting (For Another Lover)," express his doubts about his marriage.
  • Clapton married his wife Pattie in 1979. She was previously married to George Harrison, which didn't stop Clapton from expressing his love for her on the album Layla And Other Assorted Love Songs in 1970. Eric and Pattie divorced in 1988.
  • The album title comes from the song "Louisiana Blues" by Muddy Waters, which contains the line, "I'm going to New Orleans, baby, behind the sun."
  • Clapton had a new band for this album. It included Tim Renwick, Chris Stainton, and Donald "Duck" Dunn.
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  • Michael from Columbus, Ohcolumbus, ohio that is
  • Michael from Columbus, Orhe is now married to a 30 year old gal in my home town of columbus, ohio
  • Bradley from Winchester, Nh"Forever Man" was featured in the movie "Space Camp", currently on DVD. It's in the background when Tate Donovan's character drives his Jeep to the space camp parking lot.
  • Stefanie Magura from Rock Hill, ScI agree woth you Bryan. The '80's did ruin some acts that would have been good otherwise. Musically I mean. It was the '80's sound that did it.
  • Brian from Grand Forks, Nda completely disapointing album from the Great Eric Clapton... Too many cooks in the kitchen... It was his 2nd album on Warner Brothers... His First album didn't as well as expected so the heat was turned up for this one... It was originally produced by Phil Collins and he added that shameful 80's sound to it... But, the Record Execs were not happy with it so they threw 2 more producers at the project... Larry Waronker and Ted Templeman of Doobie Brothers and Van Halen fame... The result was 80's sounding crap that actually had a lot Eric's Guitar Work mixed down... It's Shameful... Although, on it's own merit... This song "Forever Man" is a pretty well written song... Just way way way way way way way overproduced... The 80's ruined many a good act...
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