Album: Pure Fiction (2014)


  • In this song, Eric Hutchinson grapples with the idea that nothing lasts forever. That doesn't mean you can't try though. In the Songfacts interview with Hutchinson, he said, "I think a lot about time and what's going to happen in the future, and trying to hold onto a moment when it's good. That song is the sun setting on a beautiful moment, and trying to decide if it's possible to keep it going or not."
  • Hutchinson wrote this song with Keith Slettedahl from the band The 88. Most of the time, Hutchinson writes on his own, but he have a very pleasant experience working with Slettedahl.
  • The video was Hutchinson's idea. It opens with a 2-minute bit where reps from his record company drop by to explain that they want something viral. Hutchinson complies by playing the song as puppies, toddlers, a clown, a magician and girls in bikinis drop by.


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