Live Life Living

Album: Live Life Living (2014)


  • This is the title track of Example's fifth studio album. He explained to The Daily Mirror why he named the record after this song. "I was looking for a name for the album and thought about Only Human, but that felt someone who had just won X Factor, or something," Example said. "'James Arthur: Only Human' you know what I mean? I was going to call it Take Me As I Am but that seemed a bit bullish."

    "Maybe that's the kind of thing I could have gotten away with on album three, but not now," he added. "Live Life Living is the right kind of message to sum up the album as a whole. It sounds good, the message is good, I was trying to find the album title for something."

    "Originally Live Life Living felt like a bit of a mouthful because the full line is 'I can't live life living without you' but I liked the three words together, even though my manager thought it sounded like a Pepsi Max campaign," Example concluded.


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