Midnight Run

Album: Playing In the Shadows (2011)
Charted: 30


  • The fourth single from Example's third album, Playing In the Shadows finds the English singer and rapper partaking in nocturnal activities. He explained the song's meaning to PyroMag: "It was the last track I finished for the album and it's about being out late at night partying and doing naughty things when you should probably be at home chilling, which I think most people can relate to (Laughs)."
  • The song was produced by drum & bass producer Feed Me, whose other credits include "Bleeding Out" on Korn's The Path Of Totality album.
  • The surreal music video was filmed in Iceland and sees Example sinking naked into a bath tub before embarking on a road trip in a Ford Mustang 1966 Shelby (the model that was driven by Steve McQueen in Bullet). He explained to PyroMag: "The video was actually made based upon a short film I made at University where I fell asleep in a bath and woke up in a Lake, so yeah the whole naked thing in the bath was kind of my idea (Laughs). I just wanted to do something that was out there, I love it when you watch a Kanye West video and your like 'What the hell is going on there, Kanye must be a lunatic' so I wanted to do some videos where people were questioning my sanity."


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