One More Day (Stay With Me)

Album: Live Life Living (2014)
Charted: 4


  • Example wrote this song with Technikal, who co-produced the entire Live Life Living album and Alex Smith of Metrophonic with whom he'd previously collaborated on "Watch The Sun Come Up."
  • Example: "Pianos as club hooks have worked well for me in the past so with this track I wanted to recapture some of that sunshine in my music. For me, 'One More Day' evokes all the great moments of 90s euphoria but I've put a bit of a twist on everything as it's 2014."

    "I've also added a little 8-bar rap for an injection of energy. Some fans on Twitter were begging me to rap again after my last few singles were just singing.'"
  • This was originally going to be titled "Stay with Me" but Example later changed it to "One More Day (Stay with Me)" to avoid confusion with the Sam Smith song of the same name.
  • The single release features remixes from Shadow Child, MJ Cole, and Dutch newcomer Erik Arbores as well as an extended mix.
  • The song's music video was shot in Brighton. "Normally my videos are all about me, but I decided it would be nice to make my fans the focus this time," Example told MTV UK. "The video follows them on the way to the gig, on the pier, in cafes, in and out of pubs, drinking on the beach, and I don't even appear in the video until they get to the gig. Documentary style videos are always centred around the artist – 'here's Aviici in a club, here's Aviici in a fast car' and I wanted to get away from that."
  • Example credits his wife, the Australian model and actress Erin McNaught, with changing his life. He told The Sun: "Staying at home, just me and Erin, is a perfect night for me. I wish people knew how much I don't give a s--- about the hype and fame."

    "In Erin, I have found a girl who just likes me for who I am and is happy doing simple things like watching a movie at home," Example continued. "So in 'One More Day,' that line about Ibiza sums it up ('We're like a couple of freaks in Ibiza. Even if we're sat on a sofa, you just won me over'). I'm just as happy with Erin in Ibiza as I am sat on a sofa and she cried when she heard that lyric."
  • Example told The Daily Mirror about writing the song with Alex Smith. "At the start we were trying to wrote a song from the girl's perspective, maybe Cheryl Cole or someone, but it didn't have the same lyrics as the final version, just that piano riff.," he said. "And then as I started falling in love with the song I decided I wanted it for myself, so we changed the lyrics so it was the guys point of view, and then I made the song about when I met Erin. We had this amazing romantic night together, 'a night of passion,' but I had to leave Australia and go back to the UK, and I didn't see her for like five weeks. Then I'd see her for a couple of weeks and then not see her for a month. She was in Sydney."

    "And when you hear the lyrics, it all starts to make sense," Example continued. "In the rap breakdown it goes 'Got to leave the country now. Apply VISA'. It sounds a lot like the early nineties. Those house moments that got ripped off by boybands. We had to be careful not to get into Take That territory."


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