Album: Loso's Way 2: Rise to Power (2013)
Charted: 93


  • The first single from Fabolous' sixth studio album Loso's Way 2: Rise to Power is a radio-friendly R&B-laced song for the ladies. "['Ready'] was the first single because it was a genuine great record, and I think that it's a genuine Fab record," the Brooklyn rapper explained to MTV News. "If you look at my history, of what I do, I think you can tie that into [songs like] 'Make Me Better,' 'Throw It in The Bag,' even 'Can't Let You Go,' and if you wanna go way back, 'Into You.' All of those were great all-around records and great radio records. Radio records that build and can be successful, they're usually a good way to roll out a project. When you're rolling out a project, you want a record that sells it." The song was released January 17, 2013.
  • The song features Chris Brown, who sings of how he can get his girl in the mood with just "one touch." Fabolous admitted to MTV News that upon first listen he knew Breezy would be a perfect match. "I reached out to Chris about it because when I first heard the reference for the hook, I was like, this needs somebody who could sing but also has that smoothness to sell what's being said, and nobody else but Chris Breezy could've done that hook," he explained. "He blew it away and I appreciate him for doing that and even rocking with me on a joint like that."
  • Fabolous told Billboard magazine how the song came together. "I went down to Miami and worked with DJ Khaled and some of his producers," he explained. "The Runners came through and played this record. I thought it was special as soon as I heard it. We got a hook written for it and asked, "who could come in here and blow this hook away?" That's when Chris Brown's name came up. You know what Chris does. He's a great performer and singer. I wanted our first collaboration to be on a great record. I think we made a smash for our first time together."
  • Fabolous told MTV News that as well as being a romantic tune, he also wrote it to inspire others. "'Ready' is a mind state you want to be in as well," he explained. "That's the kind of mind state I want to be in — I want to be ready for whatever the world brings to me... it's also for you and your lady. You might just be trying to get her ready for whatever you're trying to get her ready for. That's what the song does too."
  • The visual's rags-to-riches love story was inspired by Jennifer Lopez's 2002 movie Maid in Manhattan. "Well the story to me for the record, for the video actually was trying to bring back that feeling when little girls or the little guys were watching the videos and be in awe of them," Fabolous told MTV News. "A lot of videos now have turned to being more guys bragging or trying to look as cool as they can in the video and not really telling that story."


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