Let Me Let Go

Album: Faith (1998)
Charted: 72 33
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  • This is the third single from American country singer Faith Hill's album Faith. The song features background vocals by Country artist Vince Gill and was used in the soundtrack for the movie Message In A Bottle.
  • Steve Diamond and Dennis Morgan wrote the song. Diamond explained the song's lyrical content to The Boot: "I love songs where the singer is deluding themselves, saying something that the listener knows isn't true. In this song, the singer basically knows the object of the song doesn't have the power to let them let go. It's really up to the singer, but the singer is pretending that the power is with the other person they were formerly in love with. There are some songs out there that do that pretty well - like [George Jones'] 'She Thinks I Still Care' - and I feel we did a pretty good job on this song."
  • Morgan explained how the song came to be cut by Faith Hill: "I wrote this song with Dennis Morgan. I had the title and the first part of the chorus, and then Dennis and I wrote the rest of it. What's interesting is the business side of this song. This song took several years to get recorded after we wrote it. I did five different demos of it because I believed in it! And when I started playing it around town, people loved it, but the comment was frequently, 'It's got too many chord changes!'

    But some songs you let go, and this song I believed in so much that I kept demo-ing it. If they're not getting it in this form, maybe they'll get it in this other form. And surprisingly, the version that got cut was our original guitar-vocal version. Fortunately, [Faith's producer] Dann Huff got it and loved the song, and waited for the right artist to cut it on. He played it for Faith, and she loved it. She did such a fantastic job. We were thrilled."
  • This song can be interpreted in more than one way. Morgan explained: "Something interesting about this song is, we had an idea what the song was about when we were writing it - clearly about a former relationship. But I've had people come up to me and tell me they related it to their battle with alcohol and drugs. 'Let Me Let Go,' they thought it was so powerful, almost talking to the drug or alcohol. 'I want to let go of you. Just give me the permission, or do something rotten to finally take me over that line.' That was a real interesting perspective - somebody taking lyrics how we did not intend it."

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  • Camille from Toronto, OhAn incredible song sung by Faith with powerful lyrics, one of my favorites by her.
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