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  • This was written by Troy Verges, Blair Daly and Gordie Sampson in London while the trio were penning songs for the latter's record. It tells the story of an incident that happened to Verges when the three songwriters popped over to Paris for Bastille Day. "We partied until late in the night, and around three in the morning we went to get in a cab to go home and a fight broke out in the cab line," Verges recalled to Rolling Stone Country. "And for the only time in my life, I ended up getting in this fight and got knocked out cold. My nose was broken, my face a bloody mess. I woke up in an ambulance on the way to the public hospital in Paris, and my friends lost me because they didn't have the address."

    "The next morning, I walked around Paris trying to find my friends and we finally get on the train back to London and I'm covered in bandages, my nose is broken and I look like I had just killed someone," he continued. "We got back to London and started writing 'Paris.' It sounds like a love song, because that's just the way the lyrics came out, but it was about that night. Faith heard it and thought it was a love song, so we were kind of scared to tell her the real story behind that song."
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