20 Dollar Nose Bleed

Album: Folie à Deux (2008)


  • Bassist and lyricist Pete Wentz told MTV News that this tune, "is the most political yet least lucid and self-aware Fall Out Boy song to date." He added cryptically: "It centers on the idea of Benzedrine and [a] revolving typewriter paper of the beats, musically. The lyrics are about a war in the desert in a far-off time, but maybe not."
    In a video interview Wentz added to the mystery regarding the interpretation of this song's lyrics, when he told the New Musical Express that this track is about "thin air up in Colorado, I think... that's where you get nose bleeds, right."
  • Brendon Urie from Panic at the Disco plays keyboards and contributes guest vocals on this track.
  • This was originally titled "Mr. Benzedrine."
  • Since Benzedrine is a drug that was often taken nasally by its recreational users, it stands to reason that the title "20 Dollar Nose Bleed" is a reference to an effect of Benzedrine. Back when Benzedrine was a popular drug, it may have cost $20 to purchase enough to get someone high, and once you used it, it could give you a nosebleed. >>
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    Michael - Lynnwood, WA
  • Fall Out Boy went on hiatus after Folie à Deux, their fourth studio album, proved to be a commercial failure (selling 500,000 copies compared to their previous album's 1.4 million) and a dud in the eyes of most of their fanbase. They returned in 2013 with the #1 album Save Rock And Roll.

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  • Kenneth from Usa20 dollar nosebleed ya know.. The $20 nosebleed section, the cheap seats.. Wayy high up
  • Folieaptrck from OregonI love this song. I never knew that Brendon guest-vocalized on it until now. Very cool.
  • Justin from Scottsville, KyWow, i didnt think i'd like the Folie a Deux album but by the time i got to this song i was blown away.

    Then i heard 20 Dollar Nose Bleed and didnt listen to anything else for the rest of the month.

    Fall Out Boy, you guys wrote one helluva song.
  • Nikita from Dublin, IrelandThis is my favourite song by my favourite band FOB rocks socks and cocks 2009 and 4 ever i love them and always will love them fall out boy fan till the day i die xx
  • Dalton from Chesterfield, Scthe douche from paquita can shove it. you don't even get the song so stop bein a blowhard.
  • Cdawg from Philadelpha, PaBrendon uries voice is outstanding
  • Cait from Sydney, AustraliaOMG! I KNEW IT WAS BRENDON!!! me and my brother were listening to it wen we got the album and i was like wtf is that brendon?!?!? AND IT IS!! yer i agree with 'ven', brendon has an amazing voice and pat sounds sooo much like him!!!
  • Toni Parasite from Newcastle, --Benzedrine is the stuff in Inhalers, asthma and that isnt it?
    And 20 Dollar Nosebleed, isnt that when you snort cocaine through 20 Dollar bills?
  • Sarah from Warminster, PaActually, I'm pretty sure I know the reasoning behind the title. Patrick told a story in an interview once about how his older brother, Kevin accidentally gave him a nose bleed during a Swiss Army knife fight. Kevin gave Patrick a 20 dollar bill to get him to not tell their parents.
  • 69-so-fine from French Lick, Indiana!!, InThis is fall out boy trying to predict World War Three, lol.

    The war that was rehursed by somebodys dad was bush, he rehursed how war would be like in the middle east and his dubbya did it.

    Like the song, just not the meaning.
  • Paquita from Milwaukee, WiI'm pretty sure Jesus wasn't fighting a war in the desert, or else I don't think God rehearsed it, I'm pretty that part's about bush/bush sr.
    He went into the desert before he died on the cross, the plan of God. The war on sins, his death the triumph. My input. I'm probably wrong :D.
  • Joey from North Barrington, IlI'm pretty sure Jesus wasn't fighting a war in the desert, or else I don't think God rehearsed it, I'm pretty that part's about bush/bush sr. What Nick said about the US seceding (nice spelling) makes a lot of sense. Idk that's just my opinion, which is just as valid as anyone else's. Benzedrine was also one of the first synthetic drugs to be widiely used for recreational purposes (according to Wikipedia, seems trustworthy enough) so maybe there's a comparison there. Idk.
  • Ven from Quezon City, PhilippinesWhat I know is Benzedrine is a drug that people inhale. Probably, the 20 Dollar Nose Bleed is talking about Benzedrine.

    Brendon's voice is so amazing. The duet of him and Patrick Stump is perfect! Sometimes i get confused whether it's Brendon or Patrick, but you can definitely tell who's singing. Especially the chorus part. I actually listened to this song because i'm a huge fan of Brendon Urie. Also, I like Fall Out Boy and their new album brought me curiosity.

    My favorite line is "Give me a pen, call me Mr.Benzedrine, but don't let the doctor in i wanna blow off steam"
  • Paquita from Milwaukee, Wi*sighs* Oh, yes Nick. Definitely it.
  • Nick from Memphis, Tnno no its defenitly talking about george bush when it says the man who would be king because he would be king if we hadnt sucided from england!

    NIce Song
  • Paquita from Milwaukee, WiOkay, but listening to this:
    When I look at the man who would be king
    The man who would be king goes to the
    desert to sing war his dad rehearsed
    came back with flags on coffins and said
    we won, oh, we won (dunno if these lyrics are right)
    I first thought about Jesus... when he went into the desert for forty days before he died- to bring everlasting life to everyone...
    Probably isn't right, but just seems like that to me.
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