Our Lawyers Made Us Change The Name Of This Song So We Wouldn't Get Sued

Album: From Under The Cork Tree (2005)
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  • The original title was, "My Name Is David Ruffin And These Are The Temptations," which is a reference to how Ruffin tried to change the Temptations' name to "David Ruffin and The Temptations," which Motown had done with "Diana Ross and The Supremes." Ruffin overestimated his popularity and was fired from the group in 1968 when he alienated his bandmates with his ego and histrionics. Although he was a very talented singer and performed lead vocals on many of The Temptations hits, the group went on without him and had several more; Ruffin died of a cocaine overdose in 1991. This song is a warning about the trappings of fame, and the title is true: If Fall Out Boy kept the original title, they would have risked a lawsuit from Ruffin's estate.
  • This is the opening track of Fall Out Boy's second studio album. Bassist/lyricist Pete Wentz told MTV the song "was kind of supposed to be our nod at a bio piece on the Temptations and David Ruffin and where the separation lies between being a superstar and a megalomaniac."
  • Fall Out Boy built their fanbase playing small venues and retailers in and around their native Chicago. They released their debut album, Take This To Your Grave, via Fueled By Ramen, the Florida-based indie label that launched pop-punk upstarts Jimmy Eat World and - post-Fall Out Boy - Gym Class Heroes and Panic! At The Disco. Their major-label follow-up, From Under The Cork Tree brought them fame and much bigger payouts. According to Wentz, the band went from earning $13 royalty checks to being paid with Benzes.

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  • Evan Rude from Lincolnshire IlI heard it was actually called Stevenson Girls Are Sluts it was rumored at my highschool which is Stevenson Highschool here in Lincolnshire IL
  • Talia from San Antonio TexasActually from what I heard, the original title was "I Loved You So Much More Before You Were a MySpace Whore."
  • Lizzy from Dublin, IrelandI really love this song, and Fall Out Boy!

    My favourite line has to be "only liars, but we're the best"
    And the old title (My Name Is David Ruffin And These Are The Temptations) was so cool! But Our Lawyer Made Us Change The Name Of This Song So We Wouldn't Get Sued is just...cool!! Haha, sorry I used cool so much!

    FOB Rocks, forever and I don't care what you think of them, I love them.
  • Discordamongharmony from The Confinements Of My Mind, InI love the shallow irony that the line "Besides, we've got such good fashion sense" has. It's probably my favorite line in the song. XP
  • Susan from Alabaster, Ali actually heard one time that the original title for this song was "i loved you before you were a myspace whore"...
  • Brittany from Townsville, AustraliaLike this is a place to place comments not a place to place comments about stupid things they have done and stuff you dont like. YAY FOR FOB
  • Jonathan Shepherd from Tillsonburg, OnFall out boy is probably the most most witty band of all time and their clever use of irony is really the thing dreams are made of.For example and i quote from their new album "we walk the plank on a sinking ship." as well as from under the cork tree " I'll burn the city down to show you the lights." I grant to you in some cases it may not make sense but you have to understand that that is what is so cool about they way they reach to be different. I realize that most of you boring old folks out there would rather listen to less creative bands who make songs titled hmmm really reaching for a boring title so many, like jimmy crack corn yeah whats up sports champ. Just kiddin thats not a bad song you go little jimmy crack corn i don't care. Carry right on listenig to your bland music whatever floats ur boat right
  • Kaydee from Newark, NjUm, T-Par complicated doesn't equal good. It equals complicated. A good song has to have good lyrics that you connect with. It makes you feel like someone else knows exactly how you feel, and that they're okay now. Why do you think teenagers are (usually) the ones listen to so much music? They're the ones growing up the most and changing all of the time, and the ones who feel terrible on a regular basis. Of course not everyone feels like that, and people who aren't teenagers feel like that too. But usually it's us. Teenagers don't care about tempo changes or any of that stuff. Music is about feeling and relating.
  • Scotty from Columbia, ScWow, most of you people really need typing/reading lessons. Bye the way, good songs really need time changes and tempo changes? I don't think so. A good song connects to people and makes you feel something. That's it, that's what a good song is, and nothing else. Sure, I'll agree that really complicated stuff is cool, but complex isn't necessarily good. Take Between the Buried and Me, on the album Alaska there's one track that's simple slow jazz amidst an ocean of complexity. I like the jazz song the most, because it appeals to something in me that the hard songs don't . Basically, if YOU are deciding what songs are good and what songs suck, then why is it you aren't some famous producer? You obviously don't know what the F you're talking about, plus you're spending your (not so) precious time looking at interpretations of bands you don't even like.......wow what a F king idiot
  • T-par from Ashaway, Riwell heres the thing

    actually if your saying there songs are well written there not a well wrtien song has many tempo changes and time sig changes this song is simply in a 4/4

    its in drop D which im suprised they even no how to drop it probobly use a tuner but since it sin drop D they can just holp there finger on the fret board

    and all there songs sound the same
  • Ashley from Ft. Lauderdale, FlI love Fall Out Boy, but what I don't understand is why people go around posting negative comments about bands.They must not have a life. FOB is great and I don't think they try to emulate anyone, they just write what they like.
  • Shane from Kent, EnglandApart from "Thriller" then....
  • Shane from Kent, Englandadmitidly FOB did not write their own songs on "infinity on high" "JOE from Bellingham" so it wouldn't sound as good to you. >:

    anyway i think all the songs sound good from all the Albums.
  • Natalie from Chiago, IlI think that people who citize this kind of music and think these people are gay just because they are different are pathedic. If you don't have anything to say about the song go away.

    I love this song, it makes alot of sence.
  • Soyboy from Syracuse, NyFall out boy and Panic! both r awesome their like best friends so they probably get the songs titles for eachther( there all really long) like "nails for breakfast, tacks for stacks"by Panic! and Basically EVERY song by FoB
  • Max from Cincinnati, Ohi have heard that is was originally called "My Name Is David Ruffin And These Are The Temptations" and ive also heard is was originally "My Name Is David Ruffin And These Are My Temptations." So which one was it becuase they both sounds right and make sense.
  • Katherine from Akron, OhFOB rocks every song has a story and they don't copy anyone!
  • Jessica from Hotplace, AzLove Fall Out Boy.
    Love the song.
    And I love the titles' story.

  • Eric from Milltown, Inwhy do all these emo/screamo/pop-emo songs have such long titles?
  • Izzy from Buffalo, Nyha, thats hilarious! i like david ruffen(ok, ive only heard one of his songs, but still...) and i also like the Supremes! whats wrong wit the supremes?!? they rock mowtown! *cough-dream girls!-cough*
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