Young Volcanoes

Album: Save Rock And Roll (2013)
Charted: 64
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  • Patrick Stump told Kerrang! that he was nervous about his vocal contribution to this Rock anthem: "It was a really hard song for me," he said. "I'm much more comfortable now, and very happy with the way I am compared with how I used to be, but I'm very scared of my voice. I don't like hearing it. My natural instinct is 'more guitars, more instruments, more voices', so I have something to hide behind.
    "The song came very close to not making it on the record," he continued. "One of the old Fall Out Boy ways was that we didn't really speak up around each other. If someone was fighting for something, everyone would back off. I was kind of doing that with this song, but then we had this chain e-mail where everyone voted yay or nay. Everyone went yay except for me."
  • Stump does a little laugh after singing 'a--holes.' He told Kerrang!: "That was real! The recording you hear was probably the first take, because I was laughing about the little wink to the audience."
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