Coming Home

Album: Coming Home (2017)


  • This is an intensely personal track that's been brewing inside Escape the Fate frontman Ronnie Radke for years. Every time Radke laid down the tune it fell short of his expectations and it took him two-and-a-half years to get the song recorded the way he heard it in his head.

    "That track is like Jurassic Park," he joked to "It was years in the making. It took them a long time to produce that movie and it took me a really long time to write that song and get it right."

    It was only when Radke worked on the song with his roommate and new co-writer, Tyler Smyth of the band Dangerkids that it eventually came together.
  • Radke's job, which means he's constantly on the road along with other circumstances, means that he doesn't get to spend as much time as he'd like with his little daughter Willow Grace. "The song is about my daughter and [my] never being around," he confessed.
  • The song's Jeb Hardwick-directed music video follows an astronaut floating through outer space. As he begins to fall back to Earth, it is revealed that the lonely spaceman is in fact Ronnie Radke.

    "This video is an analogy of the dichotomies between my personal life and my public life - a lonely traveler content on fulfilling the dreams he set out on, but missing out on everything he has at home. A bittersweet duality," said Radke.

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  • Seth from Joplin, MoWhen I first heard this song, It was a coaster of emotions that I felt. At the end of the song when he sung "I'M COMING HOME!", I felt that in a way I can't explain. It's like when your about to die, you're coming home.
  • Ty Swenson from Minnesota I think it’s about good people with a demon that makes them destroy themself and hurt others and the end is here andIf I don’t cast it out and accept divine love I’m stuck here and am never going to make it home.
  • Waddles from Texas Initially, this song really resonated w me. I knew I would love it after the first time I heard it. Feeling the emotions put out by Ronnie, I could tell how much this song meant to him. Finding out now that it was for his daughter only made sense.
    I found my own meaning within Ronnie's lyrics that meant alot to me. Only a great song can bring upon so many emotions which seem to be deciphered at random moments after hearing the song once again.
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