Self Bias Resistor

Album: Demanufacture (1995)


  • Written by Fear Factory members Dino Cazares, Raymond Herrera and Burton C. Bell, this song is about people in a modern big brother-like society rising up and destroying the higher governmental powers that are watching their every move and subliminally enslaving their minds. The "man vs. machine" concept is common theme in the band's songs. >>
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    Liam - Belfast, Ireland
  • Demanufacture was the band's second album, and became a landmark in the world of Metal, influencing bands like Killswitch Engage and Five Finger Death Punch. When we spoke with Fear Factory guitarist Dino Cazares, he explained how the band evolved after their first album, Soul of a New Machine, was released in 1992: "The band made a huge jump. We definitely got rid of the death metal style vocals and death metal style music, and we went into a whole new thing. We experimented much more with technology and we brought in a lot more keyboards and we completely changed our sound, used a lot of drum programs and the computer for the album. People were like, 'This is new, and this is amazing.' People instantly got sucked into the melodic vocals, and it opened a whole other door for us. It became more acceptable."


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