Hollywood's Not America

Album: Aliens and Rainbows (2008)
Charted: 62
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  • This song about the hazards of the search for fame was used as the exit song during the Hollywood Week for the 2008 series of American Idol. Somewhat ironic, as the Idol contestants are searching for fame.
  • "Hollywood's Not America" was written by Ferras together with Lauren Christy, who is part of the songwriting team The Matrix. Ferras told Billboard magazine: "I was sitting down writing one night with Lauren, drinking wine and talking about Hollywood - how people come here to achieve dreams, and you realize at one point that it's never going to be enough. When you get to that point, you realize, 'I love myself, I love who I am, I don't need all these things.' I don't want to be preachy in the song - it's just an observation. People ask me, 'Do you even like L.A.?' And yes, I love it."
  • Ferras said on his website: "I think Aliens and Rainbows is about that other place you go to in your mind when you just want to escape. When the world you live in isn't fun anymore and lets you down. When people let you down and you feel misunderstood. It is a place for dreamers, misfits and outsiders. It is a place where all kinds of creatures exist, who are your friends and 'get' you, and you suddenly feel a part of something and less like an outsider. So I guess overall, I chose the title for the album because it is representative of how I feel. Aliens and Rainbows (the place) is an escape from reality, a universe created by you. I think my record is just that. It is something that you turn on and escape and forget about everything for that moment."
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  • Kendall from Arkansas, ArI love this song it is soooooo awesome!!!!!It is my fave!
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