Album: Fifth Harmony (2017)


  • Fifth Harmony's Normani Kordei and Ally Brooke Hernandez penned this song about the complexities of the female id with the Dreamlab production team. Hernandez told The LA Times:

    "It's such a vulnerable, sweet song. You can hear our vulnerability, literally, in the vocals and in the breaths that we take. And there's some sweet harmonious moments."
  • Hernandez recalled the story of the song to Billboard:

    "We first started with the music and we were in there vibing, thinking of concepts, talking about what we've been going through and what our story is. We had a moment where we were vulnerable and then we wrote this. I'm in love with the message of it because we're saying, 'Listen, I can be hot to handle, dance around the house with nothing but the radio on, I can be such a scandal ... and then crying on the bedroom floor.' And then in the chorus it shows you, "You know what, you just say it. You just say, 'I can be messy.'" Like, that's it. 'I can be messy.' You just say it, you just admit it."

    "It's true because we can be messy, just us as people, as humans, as women. We have a lot in ourselves, and it's a beautiful part of us and who we are, and the music fits perfectly with it. It's so magical."
  • The Pop/Electronica duo Dreamlab consists of the husband and wife team Leah Haywood (keyboards) and Daniel James (vocals, guitars). They have also worked with Demi Lovato and Selena Gomez.


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