Mother E

Album: Crazy Eyes (2016)


  • The opening track of Crazy Eyes starts with a brooding synth before a cathartic scream, then we hear Richard Patrick singing, "I've got nothing but rage to kill the pain."

    The Filter frontman considers this to be the heaviest song that he's ever written. "We've seen people in the US be as cruel as they possibly can be in the last few years," Patrick said. "What is this phenomenon? I'd never intentionally go out and hurt someone. I can't understand that mentality. My art is the only way I can communicate. We know what insanity looks like and what it is, but what does it sound like? 'Mother E' is what I think it sounds like."
  • The song makes a statement about anger and hate in people's hearts. "'Mother E' is the sound of what I call 'real-life horror,'" Richard Patrick said. "People that show up at a pre-school, movie theater or church firing a semi-automatic (to somehow silence the voices in their heads) scare me more than some movie monster. Real-life horror is what makes me write many of Filter's songs."
  • The haunting video was directed by Polish director Lukasz Pytlik.

    "When we first talked with Richard about making the video for 'Mother E', I immediately saw the song's potential to tell a story that is not only brutal and unforgiving but also one that carries a message and is full of emotions," explained Pytlik.

    "When working on the script, I knew that I had to make it about a subject that I could relate to," the director continued. "As a history buff, I wanted to tell the story of what happened during WWII when the Russian army was supposed to be our ally and free Poland from the Germany's occupation. What happened was not what was supposed to. Many of the Russian soldiers, raped, mutilated and even killed Polish women. That was our canvas for the rape-and-revenge story we tell in the video. BUT: is it truly happening or is it happening in someone's tormented mind? That's up to viewers to decide."


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