What It Is To Burn

Album: What It Is To Burn (2002)


  • In an interview for American Online (AOL), Finch frontman Nate Barcalow said: "The title track 'What It Is To Burn' is a concept about a letter written from hell, and he finds everything is not good, and he writes to his muse, whether that be a guy or a girl." >>
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    Kevin - Philadelphia, PA

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  • Kevin from Philadelphia, Pauhhh...in an interview with AOL Session Acoustic, Nate said that the song is about someone writing a letter from hell. He then said he loves Radiohead (They covered Radiohead's Karma Police during the session) because they keep their lyrics vague. So who knows what the hell Nate is writing about. I just want Finch back.

    here is the interview where he says it

    here is karma police (acoustic radiohead cover)

    ender (acoustic)

    what it is to burn (acoustic)
  • Megan from Newcastle, OkFinch is my absolute favorite band. I've been listening to them for YEARS now.
    And I completely relate to this song. Not in this moment of time. But Ihave been there before. Sometimes pain is all that you can feel.
  • Chris from Bolton, EnglandLove the idea that it's a song from hell, but i see it as a guy who is in a bad relationship but can't leave his lover because she's the only one who makes him feel alive - through pain
  • Amina from Manchester, Englandthis video rox!!!i <3 this song finch kick a**?
  • Hannah from Charlotte, Ncamazing song, it really is..has anyone heard the acoustic version of letters to you..well its amazing. i love acoustic song..they make me melt
  • Hayley from Mckinney, TxThis song is so amazing. I never really got it until recently yooh really have to pay attention to the lyrics to understand the meanign and all the emotion in it
  • Jess from Epgrata, WaLisa has many good poitns about this song yet i don't think it is about falling to the one who understands you, it is about a guy who has been hurt so bad he is looking for something to shelter him from the world yet the only one who knows is the one who did this to him so he falls to her faster and faster he heads back to her. In her arms is where he can find shelter from the outside world and even though she did this to him she is the only one who can help him through it.
  • Rachel from Corups Christi, Txi havent listened to this song for a long time but i did recently and it made me cry. its a beautiful song
  • Lisa from Palatine, Ili will tell you exactly what this song means. it has nothing to do with a dead guy in hell. this is quoted by Nate, the lead singer in an interview. It?s kind of a song about feeling loneliness. That knowing that there?s one other element of a person that understands what you?re going through. That?s kind of what the chorus is about. Saying, ?like a bad star I?m falling faster down to her.? Meaning faster and faster I?m learning what they?re going through because I?m going through the same thing. You want to be sheltered from the outside and the only thing that gets you through everything is knowing that this one other person has been through the same thing and that?s the biggest comfort that you get.
  • Vanessa from Barstow, CaI also heard that it was a song about the dead guy in Hell.
  • Minda from Jamestown , Tnthis is indeed a kick butt song!
  • Obo from Balitimore, Mdthis song is about the pain and suffering indured by a person . . . and the relation of that suffering to the only person who can possibly understand what this person has undergone
  • Sarah from Glen Allen, Vathis song is actually about a guy who dies and is writing a letter from Hell. says the lead singer. the video is awesome.
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