You Are the Woman

Album: Firefall (1976)
Charted: 9


  • This was both Firefall's breakout hit and it's most popular single. In it, a man sings that he's found the ideal woman, and he loves her not for external qualities, but how much she loves him in return. >>
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    Mike - Santa Barbara, CA
  • Most of Firefall's songs were written separately by their singer/guitarists Rick Roberts and Larry Burnett. This one was written by Roberts, who in The Yacht Rock Book: The Oral History of the Soft, Smooth Sounds of the '70s and '80s, told the story behind the song. "As I understand it, there are about a half a dozen women around this country who have told people repeatedly that the song was written about them," he said. "In fact, the song was not written about anyone, because the woman I had always dreamed of, I was still dreaming of. I wrote the chorus at one point in maybe '74 or '75."

    Roberts considers the song to be about his wife, Mary, even though he hadn't met her yet when he wrote it.
  • When Rick Roberts came up with the chorus, he knew he had the makings of a hit, but wasn't all that connected to the song. It took him about three months to write the verses, which he finally arrived at when the band was doing a run of shows in Aspen, Colorada. Roberts doesn't love the song, but has made peace with it and knows he must play it at every Firefall show.

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  • Crowbie from Illinoisto Aiken Nutz: i just found out it's a sound made by rubbing a wet finger across the top of a conga. also known as a "moose call". there's a video on youtube. yep, that's the sound.
  • Aiken Nutz from Tahlequah OkEver since this song charted in 1976 I've wondered if there is someone murmuring or moaning in the background. On a new FM Oldies station in my area, they play the song quite often and I still hear a sound like a woman saying "mmmm" "mmm" behind the vocalist. Am I going insane? Can anyone else hear this sound?
  • Barry from Sauquoit, NyOn August 15th 1976, "You Are The Woman" by Firefall entered Billboard's Hot Top 100 chart on position #82; and on October 17th, 1976 it peaked at #9 {for 2 weeks} and spent 22 weeks on the Top 100...
    It reached #6 on Billboard's Adult Contemporary Tracks chart...
    Between 1976 and 1981 the Boulder, Colorado quintet had ten Top 100 records; after "You Are The Woman" their next two biggest hits just missed making the Top 10, "Just Remember I Love You" and "Strange Way" both peaked at #11 on the Top 100.
  • Miles from Vancouver, CanadaI can't stand this song. Makes the Eagles sound like AC/DC. (Plus, I'm 27 and I've never had a significant other. Why?)
  • Earl from Coldwater, MiThis song came out the year I started dating the woman who eventualy became my wife. I had forgotten about it for many years, but it means more to me now after 35 years together with her. Nice song.
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