100 Years

Album: Battle For Everything (2004)
Charted: 28
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  • This song is a simple reminder about how precious life is. How we should sink in every moment. How we should look up to what we have. >>
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    John - Sydney, Australia
  • John Ondrasik wrote the lyrics about his life: when he was 15 he couldn't find a girl, at 22 he found the girl and got married, at 33 he had his first child.

    Ondrasik was born in 1965, so he was about 39 when the song was released. In his 2015 Songfacts interview, when we asked him about passing some of the milestones in the song, he replied: "As you can grow up through the song, I never tire of playing it. That said, living the bridge ['Half time goes by, suddenly you're wise...'] is certainly different than that second verse."

    As more the midlife crisis he predicted for age 45, Ondrasik said he "missed it by two years."
  • Among the uses of this song in popular culture: a commercial for JP Morgan Chase, on the TV shows Clubhouse, Smallville and Scrubs, as well as the last scenes of the final episode of JAG. It was also used in a tribute to Katie Couric on her last day on The Today Show. >>
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    Nick - Tucson, AZ
  • When Ondrasik sings, "half time goes by," the song actually switches from regular time to half time. >>
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    Kyler - Winslow, Arizona
  • The video shows Ondrasik at a magic piano where he appears at various life stages. The clip was directed by Trey Fanjoy, whose other work includes "Only Prettier" by Miranda Lambert and "Somebody Like You" by Keith Urban.

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  • Amanda from CaliforniaWe lost the matriarch of our family last year in February. I think this is a great song to use for a celebration of life, to remind us that life is a fleeting glimpse. We're only young once, so make the best of the time you have while you still have it. That goes for all of you that are 15 and up.
  • Andrea from MassachsettsI'm 71 and I now realize we all have eternal life, in a loop from life to heaven, then back to life. When I was 15 I was despondent and miserable. Joy comes later
  • Marie Peltier from Pennsylvania UsaThis song has much meaning... I can listen to it over and over and never tire of it. I get sad and have shed tears as when I’ve heard the song I am older. Can’t go back to change the past but look forward to what’s left to come. We always want to grow up fast, at 15 we’re trying to find our way but don’t use it there’s time to get older yet and find a love and build a life, a family. Hold on to what you can because time flies by and in a blink we are I hope 99 for a moment one last time to enjoy life. Bless us all
  • Rebecca Balandra from Bohol PhilippinesThis song really inspired me,im happy to listen the music..i love to sing this on a videok..i love this song..
  • Emmy from Bellville, OnI find this song so sad
  • Jade from Narnia, CaLife is a precious thing but you make it precious never look to suicide as a last result you only have one life to live. live it well.
  • Scott from Steel City,To me this song says that even though we may live to be one hundred, and that does seem like a long time, it is just a speck on the chart of time. There is so much to see and do in this world that has been here for billions of years and we only get to see one hundred, so make the best of it while you are still only 15 and do and see everything you can while you still have time.
  • Rachael from Caledonia, IlThis song makes me incredibly sad... even though I'm only a teen. But I still like it.
  • Logan from Hobe Sound, Flim 15..about to turn 16 and i have to say this song is one of my favorites..im a boy..but still haha

    im just happy to be this young
  • Kevin from Syracuse, UtI probably would not have cared for this song when I was 15 or 22. I did not then have a sufficient life context in which to place and understand it. But now, as I'm moving beyond my own "half-time" I must admit I like it very much. "I'm 99 for a moment, time for just another moment, and I'm just dreaming, counting the ways to where you are" is a poignant lyric, although I prefer and in my mind substitute the word "dying" for "time" when I listen to it. It is evocative of these lines by W.B. Yeats, in "Sailing to Byzantium": "Consume my heart away; sick with desire, and fastened to a dying animal, it knows not what it is; . . . and gather me, into the artifice of eternity."
  • Kate from Poughkeepsie, NyI love this song. The first time I heard it was watching the series finale of JAG, during the last five minutes of the episode, which is called "Fair Winds and Following Seas".
  • Jim from Rossville, IlI like this song it is very deep but....We had to sing it in chorus and you know high that guy's voice is!!!!!!!
  • Dave from St Paul, MnI like this song very much, but I think they should change their name to "Four For Fighting, One For Singing Like A Girl"
  • Jacke from Bouldercreejk, Cai love this song so much
  • James from Arley, AlIt is about how we should live life to the fullest. We have no idea when life would come to an end. The key line is this son is how there is never better than this. So live today like you will die tomorrow.
  • Prince from Haddam, CtMy bestest fend loves this song.
  • Nathan from Defiance, OhThis song is horrible, you people honestly like this dreck? The pussies reponsible for this "music" should be beaten like Saddam's kids.
  • Michele from Lewisburg, WvThis song was played on the series finale of "JAG" as Harm and Mac met the gang to tell of their engagement and choose where they were going to live: London or San Diego.
  • Miter Benisdirty from Bahgdad, KsAlthough this song is about life and how looking back at it seems so fast, it is also about the lead singer wishing he was a great athelete. Notice the #'s used in this song are directly related to the artist being a huge sports fan. 15 is Bart Star..33 is Larry Bird....99 is Wayne Gretzky...and so on...its pretty darn obvious that the numbers used were used for double meanings..someone owes me a lunch but im not gonna say who..
  • Justin from Scranton, Paalthough this is an awesome song....it has a lot of meaning other than to take life seriously and to make sure you have fun with life. It has a lot of personal meanings...at 15 he was still looking for that special someone...at 22 he found her....33...he had his first child...the rest as in 45 and 67 are personal.. and u could take moments in your life and add them in there if you want to.!I love the song
  • Natasha from Chico, Came and my sister changed the lyrics 2 this song over summer, and i must say, it's pretty damn good, many have said that its better than the original. Its got dance moves and everything. It's Fabulous!
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