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Album: You Ruined New York City for Me (2019)
  • This track is taken from Fletcher's five-track collection You Ruined New York City for Me. The EP chronicles the New Jersey native's experience of moving to the Big Apple, falling in love, and experiencing heartbreak. The fourth song on the record, it finds Fletcher reminiscing on their relationship following their breakup.

    "All of this music really just feels like a page ripped from my diary and it's the most heart-on-my-sleeve, real, vulnerable, kind of crazy thing that I went through," the singer told ABC Radio about the record. "Each song is just a moment in time and a specific feeling I felt throughout the emotional roller coaster of a heartbreak."
  • The song finds Fletcher wondering why she can't let it go of their relationship.

    I'm just wondering when I'll stop wondering about you
    You got your hands on me, you got your hands on me
    A thousand miles away, but you still got your hands on me
    And I'm thinking, I'll never stop thinking about you

    Fletcher is frustrated that she can't seem to get over her ex; she wonders when she's finally going to stop thinking about this person.
  • Fletcher told Billboard her favorite part of recording the song was doing the "ya, ya" gang vocals with everybody in a room. "I have some truly insane videos of that on my phone," she said.
  • The song was helmed by Malay, the producer behind "Undrunk" and other music by Frank Ocean, Lorde and Sam Smith.


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