My House

Album: My House (2015)
Charted: 59 4


  • When Flo Rida's girl knocks on his door, the rapper knows he's guaranteed a good night, which he likens here to a party. Flo wrote the song with Johan Carlsson (Ariana Grande's "A Little Bit of Your Heart"), Ross Golan (Lady Antebellum's "Compass"), Marco Borrero (Natalie La Rose's "Around The World") and Roy Hammond (Nas' "I Can"). John Carlsson also produced the track with MAG (ILL Collective's "Dimes&Nicks") and JayFrance (Fetty Wap's "My Way").
  • Flo Rida raps some Spanish in the third verse ("Mi casa es tu casa"), which translates as "my house is your house." The rapper's girl is a frequent visitor and feels at home in his crib.
  • This samples throughout the song Jaheim's love ballad "Put That Woman First," which was a US Top 20 hit for the R&B singer in 2002.
  • The song received a boost in February 2016 thanks to its use in a Pizza Hut advertisement that aired during Super Bowl 50.
  • Flo Rida told ABC Radio he's not rapping about his actual home. "Wherever I'm at, it's my house. I'm taking advantage of it, you know, [as] opposed to just it being literally my house," he explained. "I feel like everywhere I go, you know... I'm the life of the party."

    Instead it was the house of a certain legendary crooner that helped inspire the hit. "We actually recorded this record at Frank Sinatra's old house, which is [my producer] Max Martin's studio," Flo said. "So I think just being there gave us that energy, that vibe."
  • In the bridge, Flo comes up with five different ways to say "house":


    "Succah" is Hebrew; "Casa" is Spanish.
  • The song nearly got forgotten about after Flo Rida recorded it. He recalled that three months after demoing the tune, "I was just like, "What happened to the record I recorded? 'My House'? Because I think it's a smash."

    He added "And my manager heard it and was like, 'This is crazy. We gotta put it on the EP.'"
  • That bridge packs some punch by changing things up on the listener, with Flo-Rida doing full-on rap and the organ taking over as the main instrument.

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  • Flo Rida from My House"I'm the life of the party everywhere I go"
  • Siahara Shyne Carter from United StatesI love it just check out my Videos (@my facebook group) While I'm singing! I also sing this "My house" by Flo rida
    because Karaoke songs in the booklet are too OLD and Common So I decide to sing some New Songs that is cool and not boring


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