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  • "Second Guessing" is a romantic ballad that Florida Georgia Line first came across when they were the musical guest on the May 18, 2020 episode of NBC's songwriting competition series Songland. The love song won after being showcased by its writer, Griffen Palmer, and sharpened by Shane McAnally, one of the show's judges. Florida Georgia Line then recorded "Second Guessing" for their 6-Pack EP.
  • The song is one of romantic devotion. It starts off with the singer outlining his indecisiveness, unable to choose what direction to take in life.

    Couldn't jump into the deep end
    I was always overthinkin'
    Every minute, every hour, every weekend

    Once we get to the hook, there is a twist. We learn the singer has fallen in love and because of his feelings for the girl he now has direction.

    Since I met you,
    I ain't spent one second guessin'
    I've made up my mind
    I never knew I
    Just had to find my direction
    Gettin' lost in your eyes
    Because I've turned days into nights
    And spent all of my life askin' questions
    Now I don't spend one second guessin'

    No longer is he "second guessing," now he doesn't spend "one second guessing."
  • The flipping of "second guessing" into "haven't spent one second guessing" so impressed McNally that after Palmer gave its initial performance, he said, "Of all the songs that have been on this show I've never been mad at a hook. That is out of this world, congratulations."
  • Griffen Palmer wrote the song with frequent Shawn Mendes collaborator Geoff Warburton, and with Ben Simonetti (a member of Zac Brown-led trio Sir Rosevelt). He recalled to American Songwriter they penned it in one day during a March 2019 songwriting session.

    "I was carpooling to the session with Geoff and we were trying to get a jumpstart on the day by talking about ideas that we had," Palmer explained. "I had this idea kicking and pitched it to him in the car, saying 'well, what if we did a song called 'Second Guessing' and everyone thinks it's about having doubt or being unsure but then we flip the lyric and make it 'I haven't spent one second guessing'' and he was in on it right away. We kinda barged into the studio saying 'Ben, I think we've got it!' We started right away and there wasn't too much dilly-dallying."
  • The video shows Tyler Hubbard and Brian Kelley singing the song from their respective home studios. Clips of the two singers and their wives enjoying some time together are interspersed with the performances.


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