Coronus, the Terminator

Album: You're Dead! (2014)


  • This is Flying Lotus' favorite track on You're Dead. He said: "I like 'Coronus and The Terminator' a lot. I sing that one in my head a bunch."
  • The name Coronus is possibly a reference to a character from Greek mythology. FlyLo maybe citing:

    Coronus, king of the Lapiths, who was counted among the Argonauts.
    Coronus, king of Sicyon, son of Apollo and Chrysorthe.
    Coronus, son of Thersander. He was adopted by Athamas after the latter had lost all of his own sons. Coronus was given land by Athamas and founded Coroneia.
  • The song features vocals by frequent collaborator Niki Randa, who is one half of the Blank Blue duo along with hip hop producer Nobody. Randa tweeted: "I'm singing about the end of mankind on this song."
  • Directed by FlyLo himself, the somber video opens with a family gathering around a man who appears to be dying. The ailing man experiences various dreamlike visions, which could be the actual afterlife. Lotus said about the visual on Google+, "For me, Coronus is one of the most important moments on You're Dead!, and holds ideas I'm planning to explore in my future work… I'm happy that the visual encapsulates the meaning of the record and the ambition."


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