Cold Day In The Sun

Album: In Your Honor (2005)
Charted: 64
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  • For this song, Taylor Hawkins and Dave Grohl switched roles. Dave went behind the drum kit, and Taylor plays guitar and sings. Taylor has also sang lead on the Foo's covers of Cream's "I Feel Free," Joe Walsh's "A Life Of Illusion" and Pink Floyd's "Have A Cigar."
  • Taylor Hawkins on the song: "I actually wrote this track, so I sing and Dave plays drums on it. I've had a rough sketch of the song for a long time and Dave has always liked it. It's got a real Southern Californian feel and it was fun producing Dave on drums. Most of the tambourines that you hear are on the record are actually Dave - I hate playing tambourine! - but on this song it's me."
  • Hawkins: "It's hard playing a demo for Dave because he's like my older brother - I know when he thinks something sucks. He says, "Hmm, yeah that's good," and then he'll say, "I really like how affected your vocals are." Anyway, it's a song Dave liked and it lightened up the acoustic record. Everyone says it sounds like the Eagles! When Dave was recording the drums I went from the control room into the live room and made a suggestion. He was like, "No. I like what I'm doing." I reminded him of this recently but for some reason he didn't remember that." (about quotes courtesy: Foo Archive)
  • Though an acoustic song, an electric version of this song can be found on the CD/DVD Skin And Bones. >>
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    Bert - Pueblo, NM, for all above
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Comments: 4

  • Ben from Ocean City, NjI love Hawkins' voice in this song, It's so raw! Almost reminds me of Pink Floyd in a sense. People say Grohl was rusty when he drummed to this -- Man this guy drinks WD-40 with every meal, cause he is smooooth.
    *Also* Saw this live in Wembley, Taylor drummed AND sang, that was pretty awesome.
  • Chris from Brooklyn, NyI like this song alot because it changes things around for the foo fighters and shows how much talent they have deep throughout the band. Taylor Hwakins has a great voice and the foo fighters should take advantage of this more often.
  • Lyndsi from Silver Spring, MdI looove the live version of this song. A lot of people I've talked to said that Dave played drums when they saw it live, but when I saw them, Taylor was on the drums. It was amazing!!!
  • Suzi from Arcadia, CaWe all know Taylor can drum like a banshee indian, but when this came out I was psyched.

    Live, it's awesome, too.

    Plus, you get to see Dave on drums when Tay's Singing
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