The Last Song

Album: In Your Honor (2005)


  • This song is often interpreted to be about Dave Grohl letting go of Kurt Cobain, being the last song he writes about him. Cobain has been dead for a while, and he's spoken out about his feelings in songs about Kurt, but it's getting sort of old now. Grohl would try to write new songs, but everyone keeps relating them to Kurt Cobain no matter what he writes them about. He's made peace with Kurt's spirit and won't dwell on Kurt's death any more. >>
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    Nicola - Wellington, New Zealand
  • Drummer Taylor Hawkins: "It's what Breakout should have sounded like. A lot of things on this record to me are what a lot of old past songs should have sounded like. With this record we worked on everything without beating the hell out of it; just getting the best, most intense, energetic performances."
  • The Foo Fighters often play on The Late Show with David Letterman, and the band played this song on Letterman the night before the new album came out.

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  • Ben from Gosford, AustraliaI remember when this album came out, every Sunday night this would be the song they'd play during church news. This song kept getting stuck in my head all the time! Still, pretty awesome song to get stuck in your head!
  • Dylan from Kalispell, Mtchill guys!
    it says that this song is meant to be "the last song" (hence the title) about kurt so people will stop saying all the other songs are about him
  • Georgina from Laredo, TxIts' 2006 and still why is it that some people think that ever song that dave writes its' about Kurt Cobain. he has other things to write in his songs other that kurt and nirvana
  • Doug from Balintore, Scotlandi agree with bert, not every song the foo fighters write is about Kurt, if you look for parts in the song being about him you'll find something you can relate to Kurt's death but it's probably not intended to be that way
  • Bert from Pueblo, NmNo it is not, people should not send in their songfacts on what they get from the lyrics. This has never been stated in an interview. STOP SAYING EVERY FOO SONG IS ABOUT KURT.

    that being said...great song

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