Album: Foo Fighters (1995)
  • Dave Grohl has admitted that most of the lyrics make no sense and have no real meaning. Said Grohl: "'Wattershed' is a inspired by my love of Hardcore and old-school Punk Rock." (quote courtesy: www.fooarchive.com)
  • Dave Grohl references a couple of his favorite old-school Punk bands in this song: Black Widow and Flowerhead.
  • Since this is such a fast, angry song, Dave Grohl decided once as a joke to do it acoustic. He played it live, but changed the lyrics and sang in the vocal stylings of Fred Schneider of the B-52s. This rare version of the song is referred to in the Foo fanbase as "Watter-Fred." >>
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  • Ben from Ocean City, NjThe acoustic version makes me want to pee myself laughing. Other than that, the original has a frikkin amazing drum riff, so fun to play.
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