Album: Burn the Ships (2018)
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  • The closing track of Burn The Ships, "Pioneers" finds Luke and Joel Smallbone comparing marriage to being a pioneer.

    Let's be pioneers
    And we'll build our home
    In the great unknown

    Marriage is kind of like pioneering," Luke Smallbone observed to Billboard. "You find this beautiful place to build a home, and once it's built you get to see the glory. You look back on what it was like to build that new home and plant those crops, whatever it might be. It feels like you are pioneering."
  • The For King and Country pair decided it would be befitting to include their wives, Courtney and Moriah, on the track. "Joel and I originally started singing this song, just him and I, and it was very weird," Luke explained. "It's like, 'We're not pioneering together.' It was a strange thing and so then we were like, 'Well what if we ask our wives to do it,' and it was cool!"
  • The song's music video was shot in Iceland with Moriah and Courtney Smallbone. Luke and Joel explained: "Iceland serves as a picturesque version of what it means to carry on in relationship as a married couple with the desolate, volcanic backdrop of this beautiful country."

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  • Kaitlynn S from CanadaI love this new album that For King and Country has released. I wish I could be just like them. Spreading Gods word through song.
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