Crack Rock

Album: Channel Orange (2012)
  • Ocean sings on this jazz-inflected tune of the adverse effects of drugs, as he recounts the tale of a friend who gets hooked on crack and looses everything. The New Orleans native goes on to criticize the government for ignoring the soaring rate of crack-related deaths. "Don't no one hear the sound of another one hitting the ground," he croons.
  • When he was young, Ocean would accompany his former drug addict grandfather to 12-step meetings, where he observed him acting as a mentor for other addicts. "It totally ingrained this fear of addiction and of anything that could cause me to be addicted," he told The New York Times.
  • The song samples the drum pattern from the Jimi Hendrix track, "Little Miss Lover."
  • Ocean sings this song with a hint of fractured breathiness, which his sound engineer tried to iron out. "He said, 'Are we really going to let this slide?,'" recalled Ocean to The Guardian. "And I was like, 'Yes, because that's how a smoker would sing.'"
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