Don't Tell Mama I Was Drinking

Album: Sunshine & Whiskey (2014)
  • The title of this Buddy Brock, Kim Williams and Jerry Laseter written song alludes to the last words of a drunk truck driver after an accident. The track was previously recorded as "Don't Tell Mama" by Ty Herndon on his 1996 album Living in a Moment, Gary Allan on his 1999 CD Smoke Rings In The Dark and Doug Stone on his 2007 set My Turn.
  • Ballard recalled to Artist Direct how he ended up recording the tune: "I was over my publisher's on a Friday afternoon, about 5:30, having a glass of whiskey, talking deep, deep, back catalog songs that became lost and were never singles," he said. "He was playing some stuff, and he played it, it was written by Kim Williams, like 20 years ago."

    "A few people had cut it but it had never become a single," Ballard continued. "I never heard it. I never heard anyone do it. I thought, 'Wow, this is an incredible tune.' It sounded old school but it didn't matter. The song was amazing. I took a copy of it and thought, 'I had to have this tune,' and this was four years ago. I played it for my producer, for fun. He said, 'We should try and update this and make it your own and bring it to life.' So we horsed around with it, I sped up the tempo and worked on it. I knew we had to record it. The label thought it was a bit old school but I wanted to do it. We recorded it and I am so happy."

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  • Paul from Raleigh, NcSorry Frankie, your version just doesn't do the song justice. You made it all about the arrangement and production, not about the song.
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