Off The Rip

Album: Wave Gods (2015)
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  • French Montana originally recorded this for his 2015 mixtape Casino Life 2: Brown Bag Legend, helped by the late rhymer Chinx. The Coke Boys leader kept the memory of his fallen friend by including a special remix of the track, co-starring A$AP Rocky, on his Wave Gods record.
  • The song title is an urban expression meaning "worthy of praise" and "very cool." In this song Montana lists several things that he considers to be "Off The Rip" including his pal, having huge amounts of cash and the Coke Boys.
  • The song's Spiff-directed music video features projections of both Chinx and A$AP Rocky's longtime friend, mentor and business partner A$AP Yams, who also passed away in 2015. Scott Disick, a former boyfriend of Kourtney Kardashian, also makes a cameo appearance in the clip.
  • Montana told Billboard magazine: "That was a record that Chinx had gave me before he passed away. [Pauses] It's just a record that means something and A$AP Rocky - he had somebody that passed away too that was like his brother so when we shot the video, that was the concept. We just wanted to do something for New York. A$AP [Mob] and Coke Boys is like the same thing - it's like us trying to share that same experience with him having somebody pass [away] and me having somebody pass [away] - just put 'em both into the song and make our brothers live on forever."


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