Bad Day
by Fuel

Album: Something Like Human (2000)
  • Here, a girl uses the excuse, "I had a bad day again" to excuse the way that she treats the singer. As a result, the singer has a bad day too. >>
    Suggestion credit:
    John - Sydney, Australia

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  • Zero from The Abyss, NjThis song is fun to perform on my acoustic.
  • Anna from IndianaI think she has Multiple Sclerosis with dropping coffee and stumbling and always having a bad day and how he wouldn't understand and eventually commits suicide. She is seen rubbing her wrists in pain and her neck. Also MS symptoms.
  • Mrcle1993 from UsaFor me, it's about a girl that over dramatizes trivial events. Every thing is a crisis and it affects him and their relationship as a result. "Spilled my coffee, broke my shoelace" I think that much is obvious. And I don't think you can watch a video to know what a song is about because that is the directors vision not the songwriter.
  • Sixx from Los Angeles, How is it that you cannot see the meaning of such a SIMPLE song? The chick is depressed (hence bad day AGAIN) She commits suicide (and left a note that he is holding onto and eventually shreds into pieces) that is why he is seeing a shrink...the scene shows her walking through walls, stab wounds on her arms, and when she sits in the chair, they then show the chair empty but the cushion moves down as if she were sitting there. The meaning is pretty cut & dry...
  • Mark from Wee Waa, Australialove the song, video and the band, I see there getting back together with brett as lead singer can't barely wait
  • Clarissa from Delaware, OhAlways listen to this song when I DO have a bad day. I love it
  • Aaron from Kentucky, KyThis song is th best song i have ever heard i have sung th song 100,000,000,000,million times FUEL RULES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
  • Mike from Falmouth, MaThis is Probably my favorite song by fuel. It has a great harmony and a lot of depth within the lyrics.
  • Kira from Bonita Springs, FlIt's a great song I love the part where he stops being soft and sings "And she swears there's nothing wrong! I hear her play that same old song!" suggesting that she has used this excuse before on him
  • Sandi from Indy, InI think that the female is using her ?bad day? as an excuse for her excessive drug/alcohol use. She says he would not understand because it?s just easier than explaining.
    The male realizes that she starting to develop a real problem.
    He can see through her excuses and wants to get down to the real problem(s).
  • Rony from Houston, TxIt's a good song.
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