Comin Out Strong
by Future (featuring The Weeknd)

Album: Hndrxx (2017)
Charted: 48


  • The Weeknd joins Future on this cut about coming out on top, even in the face of adversity.

    They take my kindness for weakness
    Still comin' out strong

    The two artists want to make sure people know that they won't be messed with.
  • This is the fourth collaboration between The Weeknd and Future; the pair also worked together on the Starboy tracks "Six Feet Under" and "All I Know" plus the EVOL cut "Low Life."
  • Future takes aim during the third verse at his former friend and CEO of A1 Recordings Rocko.

    My brother Casino said you wasn't Freebandz (Freebandz)
    And at the time I couldn't see what he was sayin' (he was sayin')
    You turned your back, I shouldn't have ever gave you a chance (gave you a chance)
    I got four lawyer fees, s--t ain't ever end
    I'm a boss, I'ma make my own family (la familia).

    Rocko signed Future in 2011 to A1 Recordings on which he released Pluto, Honest, and DS2. Five years later, Rocko sued Future accusing him of having a "side deal" with Epic Records while he was still signed to a six-album deal with A1. Rocko claimed compensation for publishing rights and income from touring. Future counter-sued Rocko arguing that A1 still owed him recording costs and $10K in advances per album.

    This represents the first time that Future has reference the lawsuit in his lyrics. When he states, "I'm a boss. I'mma make my own family," the Atlanta rapper is signalling his intention to move on from his former boss.
  • The haunted video shows Future and The Weeknd hanging in an abandoned subway station. The clip was filmed in the now-derelict Lower Bay station of the TTC - Toronto's light rail system. The same location has been used as a setting for a number of feature films, including 1997's Mimic, 2001's Don't Say A Word, and 2003's Bulletproof Monk.


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