Everything Will Be Ok

Album: When It's Dark Out (2015)
  • This vulnerable song finds G-Eazy reflecting on various relationships. Fellow Oakland-based artist Kehlani croons the hook.
  • In the last verse G-Eazy tells the true story of his mother's long-term relationship with a woman, Melissa, who succumbed to crippling depression and pill addiction. It ends in tragedy when a 16-year-old G-Eazy finds Melissa's dead body in the basement of their house.

    "I was embarrassed that I judged her in the first place, but I finally came around to understand that my dad treated my mom like s--t and this person loved her and it didn't matter if it was a man or a woman or whatever color she was," Eazy told XXL magazine. "Energy is energy and love is love. Right around the time I finally came of age and accepted her and grew close with her, she started to slip into this dark place and it just happened."


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