Me, Myself & I
by G-Eazy (featuring Bebe Rexha)

Album: When It's Dark Out (2015)
Charted: 13 7


  • This song finds G-Eazy putting his celebrity under the microscope following his ascent from Tumblr heartthrob to a rap star with a Billboard 200 Top 3 debut album (2014's These Things Happen). We hear the Oakland MC reflecting on his internal struggles to navigate the perils of fame and the need to find some personal space.

    Asked by Billboard magazine what inspired him to write a song celebrating being alone, G-Eazy replied: "Just never being able to escape the job. You're on 24 hours a day [in the music industry]; you got to find alone time. People always expect something from you. I've got these different personalities; I'm a Gemini. Sometimes I feel really, really gloomy."
  • G-Eazy is joined on the bridge and hook by singer-songwriter Bebe Rexha, whose resume includes co-writing Eminem and Rihanna's chart-topper "The Monster" and featuring on EDM group Cash Cash's hit single "Take Me Home." In 2017, G-Eazy appeared on Rexha's track "F.F.F.."
  • The phrase "me, myself and I," meaning someone who lives their life in solitude without companionship, was first used in Billie Holiday's 1937 tune of that name. Other artists that have recorded songs with the same title include Joan Armatrading, De La Soul and Beyoncé.
  • Rexha wrote the original version of this song with co-writer Lauren Christy and the three-man production team TMS. They made a demo of the track, which was called "I Don't Need Anything," with lyrics about how no matter what happens, music is a constant in her life, and sometimes that's all she needs.

    The demo went to G-Eazy, who wrote new verse lyrics. The final version was produced by Michael Keenan, who got a writing credit for his efforts along with G-Eazy, Rexha, Christy and TMS.


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