by G-Eazy (featuring Charlie Puth)

Album: The Beautiful & Damned (2017)


  • G-Eazy teams up with singer-songwriter Charlie Puth for this inner-monologue of a mind tempted by the temporary highs of a night spent drinking.

    Uh, yeah, I might regret this when tomorrow comes
    But, them drunk nights are more fun than sober ones
    With every shot, they're like "Awh, here Kobe comes!"
    But I got this bad bitch trying to throw me buns

    G-Eazy's two verses detail the temptation to spend the night drinking, while Charlie Puth serves as the voice of reason on the hook.

    Oh, I know that I'll regret this when I'm sober
    But, every shot I'm getting closer, getting closer
    Is it true that 80 proof is the reason I'm with you
  • Charlie Puth first wrote the song in 2015 with Breyan Issac and Ester Dean. He recalled to Billboard: "It was kind of this dark point in my life. It wasn't the best month for me, without getting into detail. And of course, I had someone in mind when I wrote it."

    "You never know where these songs are gonna go," Puth added. "I had originally written verses, like sing-y verses, and it just didn't feel right. It felt like it needed an Eminem type story. When I heard G's verses on it, they just happened to be something similar to what I went through. There is no other person who could have done it better than G."
  • The time-traveling Colin Tilley-directed video opens with G-Eazy waking up in a back alley looking beat up and worse for wear. When he stumbles into a nearby doorway, he's transported by a kind of a portal to a series of parties from the Prohibition era to the 1990s. Charlie Puth makes only a brief appearance in the clip hanging out on a rooftop singing the hook.


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