Album: Version 2.0 (1998)


  • Garbage lead singer Shirley Manson explained the origins of this song: "I'd gotten really sick when I arrived in Madison, and I was really frightened because I was all by myself in a foreign country and I had no idea about how the medical system works here. I was feeling very isolated and very paranoid. I was terrified. I remember I was sitting in the studio waiting on some of the boys arriving, and I was freaked out so I wrote these words out really quickly in two minutes. When the boys came in I said, 'I've got a song and we have to record it now!' It's a reflection on past ills in a way." >>
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  • Shirley Manson has a well documented history of anxiety, self-esteem issues and periods of self-injury, which lends a literalized double meaning to the line "it cuts me to the bone." The opening line, "I don't need an education" might directly refer to a particularly depressive time in her life when she was bullied at school. Manson particularly seems to be calling for an end to stigmatizing depressed people and those who use medication to treat it: "And still you call me co-dependent. Somehow you lay the blame on me."
  • In 2005, Blender magazine asked Manson what medication she was on. She said, "I'm so chock-full of pills I literally couldn't even tell you how many I take. It's frightening. I have pills to fix everything." Asked if they were working, she said, "You tell me."

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  • Tristan from Hobart, Australia@MariaIsabel- the lyrics are actually 'I've got to make a point the days, to extricate myself".
  • Joel from Portland, OrI didn't really care for the song but the lyrics would fit in for an episode of House.
  • Theresa from Murfreesboro, TnThe violin and loud guitars in this song fit perfectly with Shirley's angst-ridden voice. This song is so dark, I love it!
  • Mike from Cicinnati, Ohis it just me or does this kinda sound like how they force ridolin in schools the line i'm tearing at myself is like what ever energy or force that is contained or bottled up by taking the drug rather then released
  • Maria Isabel from New London, CtThat is SO COOL! A couple of the lines at the end of the song go as follows:

    "Somebody get me out of here
    I'm tearing at myself
    I've got to make a point these days
    To educate myself."

    Until now I didn't understand that one verse but now it makes sense.
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