Lost In You

Album: Garth Brooks in ... The Life of Chris Gaines (1999)
Charted: 70 5
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  • In 1999 Brooks and his production company Red Strokes Entertainment began to develop a movie, The Lamb, in which Brooks would star as the fictional alternative rock artist Chris Gaines. To create buzz for the project, Brooks took on the identity of Gaines in the October 1999 album Garth Brooks in ... The Life of Chris Gaines. It was released a year in advance from the scheduled film release date to pique interest in Brooks performing rock instead of country. However, Brooks's promotion of the album and the movie did not create much excitement and The Lamb never got filmed. We haven't heard from Gaines since.
  • Despite the lukewarm response to the Chris Gaines project, Brooks gained his only Hot 100 Top 40 hit to date with this song, the first single from the album.
  • Tommy Sims, Gordon Kennedy and Wayne Kirkpatrick wrote the song. The same trio also penned Eric Clapton's multiple Grammy winning hit, "Change The World."
  • Kennedy discussed working with Brooks in an interview with American Songwriter magazine: "Working with Garth was awesome! We were a little sceptical when he announced to us his intention to sing 'Lost In You.' But, when Wayne and I met him at the studio to do that first vocal, our jaws hit the floor! I'd never heard Garth sing like that. He was so good in this soft R&B style of vocal, that we wondered who the real Garth was!

    Then, of course, we traveled with him doing about a dozen TV things. One story you won't hear anywhere else…. We had flown to LA to do one of the TV shows. We didn't get on the plane to return home until maybe 1:30 or 2 in the morning. Private plane, serve yourself pizza from the microwave, sandwiches and so on… no flight attendants. After takeoff, GB goes around to each person and asks what they'd like to eat. He takes everyone's order, serves each, and when everyone is taken care of, he lies down in the aisle and goes to sleep."


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