Not Guilty

Album: George Harrison (1979)
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  • Harrison wrote this for The Beatles White Album. They recorded 102 takes of it, but never released it. Harrison finally released it as an acoustic piece in 1979. >>
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  • Fran from Swarthmore,pa., Pait is songs like this that contributed to the break-up of the BEATLES!! george was becoming a BRILLIANT songwriter, with songs that had substance & challenged the works of LENNON/McCartney. still he was getting his 2 songs an album!!"I only want to do my part, I won't upset the APPLE cart." What a great LYRIC!!!
  • Aneaaron from México City, MexicoThis song is awesome, it could be cause they are The beatles!!!!
  • Rocky from Fort Worth, TxThe Beatles version is awesome! It sounds as if The Beatles had recorded a Doors song.
  • Kevin from Reading , PaThe White Album version is far superior. It's timely and its angry and therefore it's an honest musical statement. The solo version from '79 is too pedestrian. George could be lazy as a songwriter and had a history of recycling old songs and even old backing tracks ("You," originally from 1970 for Ronnie Specter)when he came up short on product. You is especially egregious because he should have re-recorded the backing track and put the song in a lower key that he could sing better. It's still a good song, but he's straining on some of the vocals.
  • Susan from Toronto, CanadaIn an interview with MUSICIAN MAGAZINE George Harrison said about this song: "It was me getting pissed off at Lennon and McCartney for the grief I was catching during the making of th White Album. I said I wasn't guilty of leading them astray in our all going to Rishikesh to see the Maharishi. I was sticking up for myself, and the song came off strong enough to be saved and utilized.
  • Glenna from Gilbert, AzI actually do prefer the version on his self titled album, George Harrison. By then, it seems, some of the edge was softened and it wasn't quite as angry sounding. I bet they were all a little miffed about the lyrics!
  • Peter Griffin from Quahog, RiThis definitely should have been on the White Album.
  • Drew from Grand Rapids, MiYes the Anthology Version is very nice.
  • Guy from Woodinville, WaYeah, it is cool. It seems to reflect George's frustration with his fellow bandmembers as they were drifting apart. Maybe that's why he had them record 102 takes. :-)
  • Marina from Seattle, WaThere's an version of this on the last Anthology CD set; it's very cool.
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