Jesus To A Child

Album: Older (1996)
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  • George Michael wrote this song in memory of his Brazilian partner, Anselmo Feleppa, who he met during a performance at the Rock in Rio II Festival in Rio de Janeiro in 1991; Feleppa died only two years after. Michael said that he had never felt real love until he met Anselmo. That's why he dedicated this song and the whole album Older to his lost boyfriend. >>
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  • Victoria Semenenko George Michael's Baby from UkraineThe fact is Anselmo's desease he died of basically (just as well VIH persons could live rather long) as hemorrage of brain is about psychosomatic means psycholigical as emotional causes. As that is about emotional break up with a beloved person here it's George and especially blaming yourself for really hard for everyday. But George was just a narcissist that Anselmo like many other people yet didn't realize the fact of his narcissistic nature. As Anselmo's reaction was absolutely natural within a relationship with someone like George.
    He was a good person as I just had a pitty on Anselmo who wasn't simply aware of what George was in reality...
  • Melinda from AustraliaI heard George Michaels last radio interview recently. It was recorded on a London radio. It was so moving. He cried at one point. Over his loss. And Because for years he felt he did not have enough creative control of his music. We had no idea that George Michael was experiencing the terminal illness and loss of his young boyfriend. Nobody did at the time. Everything regarding his private life was kept out of the media. But when the album Older came out. We knew immediately he was producing personally sensitive music. The song Jesus to a Child is so moving. The success of Older allowed his fans to grow with him. And he ended up with profound respect for it. The success of that album. The album helped his fans accept, when to the surprise of a lot of people that he was gay. Prince was producing some emotional ballads at the same time. But George Michael is one of the UK’s most underrated songwriters.
  • Victoria Semenenko George Michael's Baby from UkraineSo the fact is a main idea of video is about art dispute as you see lovers querrel means me as hidden lover coming through Ukrainian blue-yellow corridor in front of exactly Lenny Kravitz (he had exactly that kind of hairdress middle 90s time of "Circus" album 1996) as Lenny has some Ukrainian origins.
  • Victoria Semenenko George Michael's Baby from UkraineThat is not about exactly “Fastlove” but I post it just let to know the reality of things.

    Actually as there’s no official video I would like to remain there were two version of it. The first official one is telling the story of a hidden lover who actually risked her life to come for a date. That idea is exposed in Marayah Carey “My all” song referencing by the idea of lighthouse in the video to another version of “Jesus To A Child” video. But also a s–tty asian service of ex George’s girlfriend who’s represented as a servant holding candles. The fact is in my culture idiom “holding a candle” means an insolite person who arrogantly intervenes someone’s intimacy and here it’s mine. Just because right after this s–tty servant you see that hidden lover coming in front of a black one. So that meant an unwilling interacial date to me that literally meant to me a true neardeath experience. The fact is that’s so for me as being Real Life Victory I really AM genetically oriented but such radical as extreme genetic changes never were a main material for any kind of evolution as I’m evolutionist.
    As well I am considered to be George’s baby for the fact Saint George is consered to be Victorious in Eastern Christianity as we both belong to orthodox tradition. So why he’s talking about a kind of spiritual love by the fact I am also considered to be Scythian Nonviolent Victory of Brotherhood Spirit. As actually George exactly pretended to share my nonviolent values for a simple reason it was finally his idea for that date exposed as a revenge in “Fastlove” video “I’ll make you to remember!”. So that is exactly why I smiled at him as Jesus to a child also being considered for Jesus Victory. The fact a narcissist who George surely was has a truly as very violent nature. Another point is that revenge was a kind of father figure teaching as me being 14 in 1990 didn’t really appreciated his “Listen without prejudice” album but not because of sound or performance quality but because found songs ideas just hypocritic regarding George’s true violent nature. As well he guessed it was exactly me who didn’t want that album was ever promoted by Sony as especially George lost the case against his recording company. So as I am a Victory just had to be punished for.
    Finally there’s another hint of querreling lovers in this official version as a fact of our dispute what or how true art really should be as despite just sometimes I was really pretty sick of all those too much show things George was doing.

    Victoria Semenenko George Michael's baby
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    January 31, 2018 at 8:12 pm
    As I’ve already said in my previous comment there was another version of video with a drowned girl as a reference to an absolutely real life situation when my classmate Natalie Bouznik or “born fighting” referencing to me really died that way just right after her 18th birthday begining August 1994. I had my 18th on 02.10.1994 so George wrote the song just few weeks later as first performed it the end of November in Berlin.
    Actually that is why two version of song lyrics as videos where one of lyrics for official video doesn’t contain a death part of beloved person.Got to notice that first official version contains an image of mostly emotionally drained girl who literally lost her life forces as being incertain for her future. But also George as that man on a pierce waiting for my choice hoping I’d prefere him to my brother or smth like that.
    So I believed that is why George had a kind of disagreement with his friend Elton John as the last considered him miserable. I mean the fact George was letting me make a choice.
  • Victoria Semenenko George Michael's Baby from Ukraine"Michael said that he had never felt real love until he met Anselmo." So about this s--tty idea the fact is Feleppa taught him take life as his sexuality easier but sometimes too much easier as for me. Means me as Real Life Victory too I really disliked the fact just because the only Teacher of Real Life Laws here it's me. And that is why I believe he died so early as rather fast of natural causes and may be that is why the idea of "Fastlove" is also a kind about.

    The fact is any narcissist never appreciate any kind of true responsibility in life and that is what that feeling as refuse of reponsibility George got from Feleppa. That's all so simple as nothing else.
    But another important point about "Older" album is the fact it was written between 1993-96 means in a period of time George didn't have any kind of stable partner. As actually that album as especially "Spinning the wheel" song telling about "the ride of his life" ("Pretty woman, 1990). I can say really did my possible he got that maximum of his favorite extreme feelings.
  • Viktoria Semenenko from UkraineFor those who's interested of what song is really about. So nobody would say now "I've never heard about"
  • Viktoria Semenenko from UkraineSo I watched carefully first performance of the song in Berlin and death part was there it means that official release of song and video was obviously dedicated to me as he got I didn't die but he wanted to say very gentle good bye being unable to do smth with me.
  • Viktoria Semenenko from UkraineWhat is really interesting that in official video there's no a second part of lyrics telling about a death of beloved person so may be it was just added later to lyrics or may be not.
  • Hunter from Philadelphia, PaLandon: Yes, George and Anselmo were lovers :)

    This was actually the first George Michael song I had ever heard. I fell in love with the smooth, Spanish-sounding melody right away and the lyrics were gorgeous, unlike anything I had ever heard before. What a love these two must have had. Rest in peace, beautiful Anselmo <3
  • Landon from Winchester, OhYou mean, they were lovers?
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