Living for the Night

Album: Twang (2009)
Charted: 53


  • This was the debut single from Strait's 2009 album Twang and the 88th single release of his career.
  • Strait wrote this with his son, Bubba, and his frequent songwriter Dean Dillon. It was his first single on which the country legend had a co-writing credit.
  • Bubba Strait has four songwriting credits on Twang whilst George Strait has three. Strait senior explained in a video promoting the album's release that Bubba was the inspiration for him to write some original songs for Twang. Said Strait: "My son started toying with the idea of trying to write a little bit, so that kind of gave me the bug to write, also. So we started writing a few things together, and I kind of got into it again. I had the idea for 'Living for the Night' for a long, long time, but I just never got around to sitting down and trying to write it."
  • Dean Dillon told AOL's The Boot about how this song was written: "I went down to George's ranch in south Texas. We sat down to write some stuff when I got there. They had been "practicing" so-to-speak for the last six months or year. I don't think they were quite so sure that they what they had.
    They played me a couple things before we even started writing - a couple of things they had been dabbling with. Bubba comes at it from a little different angle, which is great. You always want that other perspective. We just dove into it head first and spent about two to three hours writing it. George and Bubba hold their own wind, buddy, as far as writing goes! We had a good time, and it turned out great."

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  • Cassie from Phoenix, AzThis was Bubba's first song. It was George's first original since 1982's "I Can't See Texas From Here".
  • Garrett from Phenix City, AlGeorge Strait wrote this song with his son, Bubba.( George Strait, Jr. This was the first song he's written.
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