Let The Journey Begin

Album: Searching For The Hows And Whys (2008)
  • Sam Duckworth (aka Get Cape Wear Cape Fly) described to I Like Music his music-making process: "I think it was Stephen King who said, 'when you're writing a book the best thing to do is immerse yourself in the character and spend time just focused on that and then when you start writing it's already ingrained in your process, so you're not sitting there with a book trying to become something as you're writing it.' And it's quite a similar process to how I write music, in that I'll pick a lyrical theme and I'll revel in it; read a book for a couple of days on it, watching documentaries, staying focused on it or, if it's an emotional thing, just wallowing on it, to the point where you don't want to wallow in it anymore. Whether it's something I've written before or something new, I just play the guitar and just ad lib over the top and I tend to find, the lyrics and the things I've been immersing myself in just fine a natural home and they kind of come out. Songs like 'Let The Journey Begin', that song pretty much wrote itself. I'd be playing the guitar and the lyrics would just come out and I'd write it down and then I'd come back a couple of weeks later and pick out the duds and replace them but the theme was pretty much captured in that initial playing of the song. The big fear of mine is that something sounds labored when you listen to it, that's one way of getting rid of it: by writing it very fresh and then coming back and doing the edits and amending, as opposed to spending loads of time pouring over something and then getting to the point where you read it back and it's too overly wordy and it doesn't have any personality to it."


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