Tijuana Jail

Album: Pawnshop Guitars (1994)


  • A track from Gilby Clarke's first solo album, this song is one he wrote before joining Guns N' Roses in 1991. The song is based on a real experience: he had a band called Kill for Thrills, and they decided to have a little fun across the border. "That song was about a time when a bunch of us went down to Mexico for a party week, and it got a little bit too drunk," Gilby told us. "We actually got thrown in jail."

    At the end of the song, Gilby sings about stabbing the police officer in the neck with a switchblade. This part was embellished for the sake of art, but there were some strange things afoot. "It was a surreal experience down there," Gilby said. "We didn't know what was going to happen when we went down there - we were just doing what everybody does when they go down to Tijuana, just getting drunk. I don't even remember a single thing that we did to get thrown in jail, but we did."
  • The lyric "Send my love to my home but send my mail to a Tijuana Jail" was inspired by a baseball call. Gilby was watching a gave when the announcer called a home run by saying, "Send my mail to the Tijuana jail!"
  • Along with "Cure Me Or Kill Me," this was one of two tracks that featured Gilby's G n' R mate Slash on guitar. When the band split up in the mid-'90s, members helped each other out on various projects; Gilby was part of the first Slash's Snakepit album in 1995.


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