Let's Play Two

Album: Major Lodge Victory (2006)


  • Not meaning to sound cavalier or offhand about it, Gin Blossom Jesse Valenzuela confesses that sometimes he doesn't even know when his music is used in films or commercials until he sees it. So he was completely unaware that this song was used in the movie Drillbit Taylor. He remembers the producers asking him to write an "up-tempo song," and that they "enjoyed it because it moves pretty good; it made the scene work." But he didn't know they'd used it. "Sometimes you don't even know, and you just get a notice."
    The artists don't have much control over it once they've turned it over to their publisher. "Sometimes they'll just do it," Jesse says. "Sometimes it just slips through. Somebody might be supposed to make a phone call, but I'm not that precious about it. Business is different these days," he laughs. "I don't know if there are any good deals." (read the full interview with Jesse Valenzuela)
  • Drillbit Taylor, starring Owen Wilson, is a 2008 Paramount Pictures release about a group of high school boys who hire Wilson's Drillbit Taylor to be their erstwhile bodyguard and help protect them from the school's bullies. The Gin Blossoms' Scotty Johnson was Owen Wilson's stand-in stunt man.
  • "Let's Play Two" is a phrase popularized by the Hall of Fame shortstop Ernie Banks, who apparently loved doubleheaders. This song is used by the Los Angeles Dodgers in their stadium during home games.


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