Gin Wigmore

June 6, 1986
  • In 2004, she became the youngest winner of the International Songwriting Competition when at age 18, her song "Hallelujah" took the grand prize.
  • She is heavily tattooed, and there is one she regrets: the one on her lower back. She calls it a "tramp stamp."
  • The backing band for her 2009 debut album Holy Smoke was The Cardinals, who were Ryan Adams' band. Adams had recently married Mandy Moore and was taking some time off, so the group took the gig as a side project. The Cardinals never reunited with Adams and disbanded soon after.
  • She met Jason Butler from the band Letlive at the 2013 Warped Tour, where they were both performing. A year later, he took her on a trip to Hawaii and proposed. They got married the next day.
  • The cover photo on Blood to Bone was taken by Leigh Jeffries and finds Wigmore drenched. Jeffries got the shot by throwing a bucket of water at Wigmore's face. Wigmore loved the result, especially since it presented her without makeup.
  • She's from New Zealand, where she has been wildly successful. Her debut album spent five weeks at #1 in that country, and her next two albums each hit the top spot as well.
  • Songwriting can be cathartic for Wigmore. In her Songfacts interview, she explained how it feels to write in which she expresses something meaningful: "It feels like the weight in my world gets lifted. It truly feels as though nothing is weighing on me, the problems are all solved and my mind, heart and soul all fall into alignment and are at peace for a moment."


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